MMI specialises in cleanroom design, in particular, pharmaceutical engineering, layout design and qualification.

Welcome to MMI – Martin Mayer International Engineering. MMI offers consultancy as well as design and implementation of processes, facilities and operating procedures specialising in the cleanroom industry. We provide complete, GMP-compliant solutions to the:
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturer (API)
• Medical device manufacturers
• Biotechnology industry
• Cosmetics industry
• Food industry

Our clients include small, medium and large companies in the life science industry as well as companies of all potential suppliers who wish to make their products and manufacturing processes GMP-compliant. MMI provides the following services: consultancy, design, tendering, procurement, construction management, qualification, validation and occupational safety.

If you are planning to expand, rebuild or retrofit your manufacturing, packaging, logistics or building services, or make your products “fit for GMP”, then we are your partner. With our integrated approach, we guarantee you technically perfect and economically optimum results on schedule. In addition, MMI also offers an additional service, all the legally stipulated occupational safetyservices - we provide you with an external occupational safety specialist and/or supervise you externally pursuant to §5 and §6 ASIG (German Occupational Safety Law) - we perform the statutorily required hygiene inspections of your air conditioning systems, which we are certified to do in accordance with VDI 6022, Cat. A.
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